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Vancouver has a strong reputation for being a friendly, diverse city. Sitting on the West Coast just off of the Pacific, Vancouver seems to have a little something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a rental property or a more permanent home, there are plenty of experts in the real estate industry in Canada to help you find a suitable accommodation for your new life in B.C. if  you’re ready to make the move. So what’s stopping you? We’ve compiled this collection of reasons people love Vancouver and decide to make the move to this gorgeous city.

Mixed Surroundings

Canada is a country with a wide variety of landscapes. Vancouver happens to be a prime location for those who want the best of both worlds– city life with nature just a few minutes away. Downtown sits in a seaport and is surrounded by large mountains making for a geographical goldmine. Locals have quick access to beaches, mountains, and city life. For those who love adventure in the great outdoors, but also love a shopping day in the city, Vancouver has plenty to offer no matter what your activity choice is.

Additionally, Vancouver has large amount of homes that oversee the Pacific with gorgeous views of the sea from the comfort of a couch. Even though you’re not far from drastic feet of snow in Canada’s rough terrain, Vancouver is one of the warmest cities during the winter season.

The Seawall

There is clear comfort that one feels when they’re near a large body of water- The Seawall. Vancouver is home to the world’s largest waterfront path. This uninterrupted path is the perfect location to walk your dog, bike, run, and enjoy a sunny afternoon. The Seawall attracts visitors to become locals simply by its incredible serenity. Although it’s often buzzing with tourists, there’s still a calming sense on the seawall. It’s also a great way to see the city from a unique perspective.

Proximity to Seattle

Another great factor of Vancouver is its proximity to a popular West Coastal city, Seattle, Washington. In less than three hours, you can go from Vancouver to Seattle or vice versa. Both of these cities are popularly diverse in many ways. Vancouver is the most ethnically diverse city in Canada while Seattle is booming with small businesses like coffee shops and more.  

Vibrant, Diverse City Scene

As mentioned previously, Vancouver is one of Canada’s most ethnically diverse cities. Cultural backgrounds and nationalities are welcomed and tend to thrive in this city. The colorful population is an asset to Canada, with Vancouver adopting somewhat of its own culture– one where every culture thrives. New immigrants are drawn towards Vancouver for this exact reason.

Demographics aside, Vancouver is also a vibrant city with a little something for everyone. For people who love cities for its shopping and unique restaurants, there’s plenty to see and do here. On the contrary, those who love hiking, biking, and the great outdoors have plenty of space to explore.

Vancouver is a wonderful choice for anyone interested in calling this city their home.