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Anyone in a leadership position within their industry, or embracing their entrepreneurial journey, knows the high value of resources, inspiration, and like-minded people. Since the dawn of the internet, people have a network at the tip of their fingers, connecting entrepreneurs with not only the knowledge the need to succeed and keep up with their industry, but also to connect with other people– creating mutually beneficial relationships. Here’s a collection of the top resources that entrepreneurs can utilize on a daily basis.

Fast Company | Technology, News, Leadership, and more

This is a user-friendly website with both a newsletter and a subscription option. If you don’t have time to skim through their website, you can easily skim through their newsletter. Entrepreneurs should particularly focus on their leadership section, which is full of tips, hacks, advice, and more. It’s one of the best ways to keep up with leadership styles, learn from other’s mistakes, and grow your knowledge on best practices. Fast Company will keep you on your toes, give you room to improve on your personal and career growth, and keep you up to date on the future of leadership work.

Entrepreneur | How-to’s, Inspiration, Startups, and more

The name says it all. This is an entrepreneurial hotspot. From the beginner entrepreneur to the entrepreneurs with years of experience, you can find a little bit of everything here. The how-to blogs are great for finding exactly what you want with step by step instructions. The inspiration section is full of articles bound to motivate you to make it through whatever it is you need to get through. Entrepreneur also provides news and trends in a topic section to easily keep up with your industry, and the art of entrepreneurship.

Forbes | Business, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Lifestyle, and more

One of the best resources on the internet is Forbes– a minefield of opportunities and information. The podcasts are a great way to change things up in your daily motivation. Rather than taking the time to sort through online options, you can listen to resourceful podcasts on the go. Additionally, Forbes always has informative blogs and articles to read whenever you need a trustworthy source.

Entrepreneur Subreddit | Questions, Advice, and more

While this is a much less organized resource, it’s still a great way to connect. While you have to take a little extra time skimming through discussions, you can find some pretty interested things. It also gives you an opportunity to share your skills through answering questions on the subreddit.

Twitter Accounts to Follow

In addition to websites, you should be keeping up with your competition and community of entrepreneurs on social media. In today’s fast-paced society, social media has become a vital tool to successfully reaching your target audience and growing your business. Here’s a list of the top twitter accounts to follow: