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Vancouver takes great pride in it’s immensely diverse community in a gorgeous coastal location surrounded by the breathtaking views of mountains. This west coast seaport attracts a wide range of civilians from the everyday art enthusiast to the city lovers with an outdoorsy ambition. No matter the reasoning behind why people migrate to Vancouver, it is the most populous city in all of the British Columbia province. For those interested in relocating to Vancouver, this guide below will walk you through the many neighborhoods of Downtown Vancouver.

The West End

Among all of the areas to live in Downtown Vancouver, the West End is the most affordable. Many folks move here because they’re on a budget but still want the lifestyle of having quick access to shopping, business, entertainment, and more.

Within the West End you’ll find it diverse both in living options and ethnicities. Having a solid mix of Canadians, Immigrants, and even international transient residents, West End is the most ethnically diverse in all of Vancouver. The West End also has a wide mix of living options from your standard city high-rise units to townhomes and duplexes


Heading to the south-east area of Downtown, this once 19th century rail yard has been refurbished into a location for Vancouver’s elite. Life in Yaletown captures a historical district where warehouses have been converted to lofts and living spaces while the railway loading docks quickly became upscale restaurants and businesses. The top dollar boutiques and extensive nightlife add to the hefty price of this location. While it’s not cheap to live in Yaletown, it is a trendy and prosperous location for those looking for a little glitz.


Established the same year that Canada became a nation (1867), Gastown is currently undergoing a revival. Although it’s located closely in proximity to poverty stricken areas, this city is slowly mixing in new life to the old. Amidst the historical charm lies some of the best shopping and eats you can find in all of Vancouver.

When comparing cost of living between the West End, Yaletown, and Gastown, you can consider Gastown to be priced in the middle of the West End which is slightly cheaper and Yaletown which is much more up-scale.

Coal Harbor

Sitting north of all the other Downtown Vancouver locations, Coal Harbor is easily the most affluent. Prime residents vary from senior professionals who have worked their way up to impressive salaries to retired citizens which makes for a surprisingly quiet downtown area. This location consists of mostly high-rise units that provide incredible access to the sea wall and marina.