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Tony Darvazeban

Tony Darvazeban is an accomplished real estate professional with over 25 of experience in real estate development and property management. His diverse portfolio includes condominiums, apartments, townhomes, luxury rental properties, new houses, and mansions.

Currently serving as the Founder and Director of HD Pacific Development, Ltd. Tony is involved in a number of projects throughout Vancouver, West Vancouver and North Vancouver. To date, he has developed 19 projects. He is most proud, however, of his current projects underway, specifically Crestline and Altamont in West Vancouver.

Crestline is a new 11,200 square foot luxury mansion in West Vancouver that features stunning views overlooking the ocean. Altamount is a 9,800 mansion in West Vancouver that features 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, pool, theatre room, fitness center, and wrap-around patio.

Tony Darvazeban was inspired to pursue a career in real estate during his early 20’s. He began with a number of small renovation projects in 1991. Once these investments proved to be successful, Tony gradually began to work his way up to more complex projects — most notably new home builds and mansions in the most prominent areas of Vancouver & West Vancouver Canada.

Over the years, Tony has learned just how difficult but also how rewarding the real estate industry can be. It takes a lot of hard work and a substantial amount of dedication as well as personal investment of time and resources. His innovative, forward-thinking, vertically integrated approach has allowed Tony to maintain a competitive edge in the industry.

Tony has always been interested in uncovering new trends and staying up to date on sustainable practices. He aims to incorporate sustainable practices and materials into all his projects. Tony also strives to mitigate all disturbances to the environment. He has a true respect for the environment, which is why it is of foremost importance when planning a new build.

Furthermore, Tony Darvazeban is continually doing research and actively looking at new listing and sales throughout Vancouver. He also keeps his pulse on policy and government regulation within Canada as well the World. Tony has gained a deep understanding of how these changes can affect the real estate market.

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Outside of his professional endeavors, Tony Darvazeban is a dedicated philanthropist who cares deeply about giving back to his community. While he supports a wide range of causes, Tony is most passionate about causes related to the environment and helping families who are less fortunate.

He was initially inspired to get involved and give back to the community in 2000. During this time, Tony traveled to the Middle East and discovered orphanages that were in need of a seemingly endless list of necessities. His heart guided him to charity, motivating him to step up and do something for these children. Over the years, Tony has continued to support adoption centers throughout Asia and the Middle East. Back at home, Tony is heavily involved in his children’s school, understanding the importance of education.

When it comes to the environment, Tony Darvazeban is a major advocate for sustainable building practices. He is committed to creating a planet that is in better shape for the future generations.
Tony Darvazeban is a prominent Council Member for “The Private Residences” at Fairmont Pacific Rim in Coal Harbour, Vancouver. During his time with the organization, Tony has made a significant difference in the way The Residences are managed through the implementation of more detailed rules and bylaws for building. This has resulted in a great shift towards higher market values for the units, as well as maintaining high standards for owners and occupants. His focus when dealing with all people is staying true to himself with integrity, honesty, and charity.

During his free time, Tony Darvazeban enjoys living healthy and staying active. He is a major sports enthusiast — soccer, cycling, and tennis are among some of his favorite hobbies. Tony also likes to spend weekends outdoors and loves being in Nature, whether it be hiking in the mountains of Vancouver or taking a trip to the ocean with his family.

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